If you are a digital marketer looking to boost your marketing strategies for your business/or any business then you must know certain tools which will make your work much easier.

But what exactly is digital marketing?

The term digital marketing refers as use of digital channels to promote or market your product or services of your business. There are several ways to promote your business by creating a website, through online advertisement, mobile devices, use of social media platforms, search engines etc.

But how tools will help your business?

Digital marketing is cost effective because it allows businesses to save money on printing cost, TV ads, or other overhead costs. And hence here you can use PPC and SEO strategies to promote your brand.
Using tools you can measure your end result, analyze the data to drive your marketing plan.
Using tools you can track number of visitors, number of clicks on your business website; also you can analyze the number of conversion rates and know about every single individual who got engaged with your website, who took action by buying product and services of your business.
Using digital marketing tools for certain work; you will execute certain strategies in right way without taking many efforts. Various tools are designed in such way that it can keep things organized and it allows you to execute your work the way to want. Every year we see new innovation coming, new strategies are created to execute the work even better than previous year.

If you want to outshine your marketing campaign you need to look for certain tools which will provide benefits to your business.

  1. MailChimp – : MailChimp is a most used tool by digital marketers for social advertising and email marketing which is designed to automate digital marketing campaigns. It is one of the best and easy to use tools where you can improve your campaigns and also you can track the website or other social media traffic. MailChimp is also used as a email marketing tool to automate your emails, and you can engage with your audience. In MailChimp you can create better content using some features, you can generate custom designs, create personalized mail, use as marketing automation, get insights and analytics and much more. MailChimp comes with one more best feature that you can target and reach right audience at right time.
  2. Google Analytics –: Google analytics is a powerful digital marketing tool which is most used tool across the globe which helps you in your various marketing decisions. Google analytics is a tool which will provide you all the insights about visitors and using all the data you can modify or change your digital marketing strategy.
    Google analytics provide your business with various features like providing information about website traffic, who visited your website, what is the visitor’s location, total number of time they spend on pages/website, demographic. Including that you can also set up your campaign goals, build an enhanced commerce setup, you can know about your user engagement and also generate detail report based on the data.
  3. HubSpot – : HubSpot is the best digital marketing tool which will help you grow your business in the way of growing online traffic, convert leads, better ROI, understand website behaviour, and also analyze your customers.
    HubSpot also help your business create, manage and optimize content of website or blogs. It also provides tools for email marketing, marketing automation, social media management and analytics etc.
  4. Clear scope –: Clear scope is a SEO based digital marketing tool where you can look high volume keywords, optimize your website content to rank even better of search result page. It will also help you reach your target audience and increase website visitors. Also you can create user-friendly interface with better infographics and designs.
  5. Page speed insights –: Fastest page load is what user expect from every website and the average page load time should be three seconds or less. According to research more than 70% will not wait until your website loads if the site takes longer to load. So here to analyze your website’s page load time you can use the page speed insight tool. Also with this tool you can even use page speed insight tool to help you know the score of page speed from desktop and mobile with providing some recommendation.
  6. Buffer –: Buffer is another useful and most used tool by digital marketers which allows you to manage the content on your social media account, track the performance, schedule the social media post and can create social media calendar.
  7. Sales force –: Sales force is a cloud based software which is mostly used for CRM, advertising, and website or social media analytics. Sale force is designed in such a way that it meets your business needs like solution for customer success, marketing, CRM, analytics, customer service and also provide customer data.

The right digital marketing tool can positively affect in your business growth, achieving your business goals.

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