Do you know what actually quality score is?

Quality score is about rating from the scale of 1 to 10 which is about relevancy of keywords, ads, landing page and its experience. Depending upon your quality score, relevancy is considered. The higher the quality score, the more relevant your ad on Google and it can be vice versa for the lowest.

But, is really quality score important?

Yes, quality score decides your performance and it is a key performance metrics. Depending upon your quality score Google will decide how relevant your ad is and if it is not at all relevant then, it may not at all get served on Google.

Google is no 1 search engine, so your quality score does matter if you want to be on top of all other ads or want Google to deliver the best possible experience to searches.

Another reason is, better quality score will determine the success of your account. Good quality score is used to determine Ad rank along with your bid. If you have a better score then, your rank will have the highest ad position on Google.

It’s not at all about highest bid; it’s all about your quality score.

There are different types of quality score as follow:

  • Account level quality score
  • Ad-group quality score
  • Keyword level quality score
  • Ad-level quality score
  • Landing page level quality score
  • Display level quality score
  • Mobile quality score

There are certain factors that affect quality score:

Factor 1: Ad relevancy

You need to focus on your ad relevancy because there are 3 scores in ad relevancy which are; above average, average and below average.

Try to have an above average score to maintain ad relevancy on Google. A below average score will determine that your ad keywords or content are copied or not relevant at all.

Factor 2: Click through rate (CTR)

Google uses expected CTR to estimate the rate in which it looks after people searching for your keywords and then after your keywords are searched, how much people will click on your ad. The quality score here is also measured on basis of score from above average, average and below average.

Factor 3: Landing page experience

Once a user clicks on ad and if their landing page experience is better, then the quality score of your ad will be better. For providing better experience of landing page you should focus on bounce rate, site speed and also design and layouts etc.

Once you know, what are the factors that affect the score then it time to improve your ad quality score and here are some tips to improve it:

  • Ad relevancy – The closer the connection between your ad keywords and ad copy, higher the relevancy of keywords. To make your ad relevant you need make sure that your campaign and ad group are smaller and have highly targeted themes. Also focus on headlines, body, display path fields and also look whether the ad matches the search intent of keyword.
  • Landing page experience – A great landing page experience is important to turn those clicks from users’ info conversions. To provide better landing page experience, your page should be easy to navigate and page features should be clear and easy to understand. A page should include some kind of conversation option for users so that if they want to interact regarding your product or service then they can, which will provide better user experience.

The load time of your page should be less than 3 seconds; only then user is interested in visiting your website. To reduce load time, try to avoid multiple redirects or remove too much or unwanted content from your site.

  • Expected CTR – Google ads calculate expected CTR, which represents number of clicks from users. The CTR is estimated based on how your keywords perform in your account as compared to other advertisers account.

Lower CTR rate will provide a negative impact on your ads, so you need to ensure that the ads are matching the keyword grouping.

  • Include relevant ad extensions – Ad extensions are way to expand your ad which will provide you space to use the ad. The extension which you can include can be site links, call out and structure snippets.
  • Review campaigns regularly – You need to review your campaigns regularly to know what is working for your ad and not. According to it you can make relevant changes to your campaigns.

Final thoughts

So, that’s how you can improve ad quality score. Follow these tips to improve quality score because it directly impacts overall results


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