SEO basics for the results-driven marketer

According to a survey, it’s found that organic searches create approximately 1/3rd of traffic for numerous company websites. And for that, the credit goes to SEO. SEO or search engine optimization is like an umbrella that ensures that every method increases the campaign website’s visibility and content on the SERPs or search engine result pages.

Having an SEO-friendly website is crucial for every type of business. SEO aims to provide and build a solid infrastructural website with straightforward navigation to attract users to the site. Also, if the website is SEO-friendly, it will help the users with the best experience and encourage them to visit again. SEO is worth every investment for gaining the outcomes which the marketer has ever thought of. But for every marketer who wants to run the website effectively with SEO and gain more and more customers, they need to learn about the basics of SEO. This article is just framed to make the marketers known with different basics of SEO.

1- Links

If the website of any marketing campaign is not connected with links, the search result or the website will remain in the bottom. Because for any marketer, links are the most common and top-ranking factor. Eventually, the website that doesn’t contain any links will get the worst rank in Google because without links, the website is not as attractive for users as with the sites with links. Also, links act as the trust factor for the websites. But for gaining more customers through links, marketers need to know all the tactics for building links.

2- Contents

Any marketer who has neglected or ignored the content basics of SEO cannot do anything to improvise the website. It is another ranking factor which is present in the top list of most of the marketer. It is demanded by Google itself to produce and post new and fresh content so that the website stays active. With content, customers will get attracted to the website, because the customers get to know about the company through it.

3- Meta description and headlines

The content, infographics, links, and other things will be displayed once the customers open the website. They will firstly go with the heading websites have provided. If the meta description and headlines are not attractive and eye-catchy, the users will scroll down without opening the site. That’s why it’s suggested to use the most attractive, eye-catching, and engaging headline so that the customers visits the website at single glance. The heading needs to be matched up with the keywords or sentences which users have searched for.

4- User experience

SEO basics aim at capturing a valuable user experience. Therefore, Google will collect the data from the marketer’s website to determine how the site is behaving and performing. However, the information collected by Google on user experience is not up to par or reacts negatively, then it will harm the SEO. And this negative SEO can result in a lower ranking on Google ranks. That way, all the marketers keep their website well established through contents, links, and other basics so that customers can revisit the site and get the information they are desiring. Also, if the website does not operate quickly, the response will be negative and ends at leaving the site.

5- Mobility

Out of all the basics of SEO, modules are the most important. Google uses its algorithms for analyzing the desktop version of the marketing website. Nowadays, many users are searching with mobile instead of laptops and computers; that’s why marketers have to create a suitable website for all devices, whether smartphone, desktop, or laptop. If the marketer’s content has higher percentage categories, they need to make available and friendly content on mobile SEO.

It can be concluded that SEO can be a hit-moving target for any result-driven marketer. But instead of just putting the personal skills, it’s crucial to learn about these SEO basics for making more hits. Furthermore, with these practices and skills of SEO, marketers can also improve their SEO skills. Therefore, SEO is beneficial for the growth of any website. Those marketers who know how to optimize SEO perfectly for their websites can achieve all their desired goals.  And those who don’t know should focus on learning SEO basics.

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