ChatGPT: Good or Bad for Digital Marketing

ChatGPT is the new buzzword in the tech and marketing world and has got everyone talking about it. But let’s first understand what one means by ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is an AI-driven language processing tool that can generate human-like content such as essays, emails, codes, etc and is capable of answering questions as well. ChatGPT is available in both free and paid forms with the paid version being called ChatGPT Plus. ChatGPT was launched by an AI and Research based company by the name of OpenAI on 30th November 2022.

As said earlier, ChatGPT is expected to be quite an important advent in technology in terms of Marketing and many consider it will have a significant bearing on the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing processes but at the same time there are people who consider the ChatGPT hype to be overrated and it may not have that much significance as compared to human capabilities. Therefore, we need to analyze both sides and understand the possible impact of ChatGPT on Digital Marketers through this article.

ChatGPT and Content Creation:

Content is a highly important aspect of digital marketing and ChatGPT can be used to write content as per the need of the audiences. It can be used to create social media posts as well as content for email marketing or to simply write the title and description for some advertisements. Not only it helps to create content but also helps to improve the quality of the existing content.

But on the flip side, ChatGPT-generated content might just be a collage created by content taken from various sources and might lack the uniqueness and freshness that one expects in informative articles.

ChatGPT and SEO:

ChatGPT is useful in locating the most relevant keywords for keyword research. Along with Keywords, ChatGPT can generate engaging content utilizing those keywords reducing time and effort substantially. It also helps to create titles and descriptions for your various submissions along with grammatical corrections. It can also be utilized to generate a list of topics for creating various types of content.

One has to keep the use of such tools limited to a certain extent as organically generated content is still considered to be preferred over system generated one.

ChatGPT and Customer Engagement:

ChatGPT is capable of answering questions and this capability of ChatGPT can be significantly utilized for resolving customer queries and answering general inquiries thereby reducing waiting time and increasing customer satisfaction and engagement at the same time as ChatGPT is just an automated system, it may lack in efficiency while answering certain specific queries posed by customers.

ChatGPT and Customer Service Quality:

ChatGPT can be utilized to improve the service quality of your company’s services. It helps by giving accurate and spot-on responses to customer inquiries thereby reducing a company’s workload significantly. One can combine their company’s Chatbots and ChatGPT to deliver highly accurate responses which also helps to better the overall user experience. A company can always create more practical, realistic responses to counter the questions, queries, or responses from consumers and others.

ChatGPT can be effectively utilized to aptly counter delayed responses, personal conversations, countering inappropriate requests, etc.

On the other hand, one cannot use ChatGPT that effectively to resolve any uncommon inquiries or complex problems that can come up once in a while.

ChatGPT and Sales lead:

Looking at some potential and current ChatGPT uses, no wonder that it can be effectively used for generating leads for various businesses. ChatGPT can be utilized to create engaging content to generate quality content that is engaging and highly relevant to the audience.

As ChatGPT can ideally help to create quite engaging, effective, and creative content which can be utilized to make memorable campaigns that can attract quite a large amount of Audience.

While using ChatGPT for making marketing campaigns for generating leads one has to mind the quality of the generated leads as ChatGPT can have control over the quality of the generated leads and one may have to apply additional measures to ensure the same.

Do all the above points prove that ChatGPT is here to stay longer?

Digital Marketing is an ever-evolving field with new updates coming every now and then and AI so far has definitely proven to boom but one has to keep in mind that the ChatGPT feature of AI is still in the evolving phase and there is a long way to it gets perfected and well suited to all the aspects of Digital Marketing. But for now, one should use ChatGPT for various Digital Marketing assignments keeping in mind that Google always prefers and ranks organically created unique content and so one has to rely on available resources accordingly.

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